Interior Shooting of the HEY Store - Brunswig's new concept store

The new HEY Store is THE address if you are browsing for modern, high-quality and hipster style clothing, interior accessories, child wear and the most beautiful flowers in town.

Shooting the interior was both an honor and a challenge. Honor, because the whole design of the store is absolutely fantastic - representing in a nutshell what Brunswig as a modern city was missing so far and is still unique to be found in town.

Challenge, because there is a lot to find and „portrait“ in the store, combined with partially challenging lighting conditions (shooting against the light) and only three hours given to basically cover everything.

Feel invited to browse though some of the shots in the gallery below and definitely plan your visit of the HEY Store, next time you’re in Brunswig respectively near the Bankplatz...

Boris KusterHey Store