Day 13: Exploring Cuenca

After a day full of driving we arrived the lively and Spanish influenced Cuenca at dusk time. A there was only few energy left I just took a short stroll trough the inner city before quickly ending in bed. The start the next morning offered two options – or basically just one: to join the visit of the local Panama hat factory. After a short reflection I decided to skip, yet most of the group took the 1,5 hours event. It seems to be quite worthwhile as you definitely learn some interesting details about how the hats the area is famous for are manufactured, yet at some stage turns into a fringing and buying thing and takes the additional sleeping time if you want to take it a little easier in the morning.

Just after the others returned at about ten AM the full group met (actually also for an optional) city tour by foot. Gabriel gave us some interesting insights about the city and we explored the main placed like the cathedral, flower market and food markets together before ending at a joint lunch at the main square in a local restaurant.

 Afterwards everybody had some time to take the trip on his own and as the weather had turned better I was just following my nose to catch the flair with some nice pictures and browsed to get a sun hat as this was recommended for the time we should spend on Galapagos. What I found hat wise actually was a surprise – although having tested several Panamas just for the fun, to was clear that I wouldn’t buy one as wearing them back home would simply look irritating – as when looking for a simple cap I found that style being made in the same technique and material as the Panamas – very cool.

 Sun was coming out again and time was – as not planned – very relaxing. I enjoyed a local roasted coffee in a small bar and enjoyed the inspiration of a blind trumpet player before taking a short afternoon nap in the hotel. As Cuenca offered also some good bar / evening life the day ended with a “small” burger and some beer and cocktails where I tried to catch up a little bit with the blog, but “unfortunately” got pulled away a bit too quickly to the even more joyful things of life…

Boris Kuster