Day 0: Gear Selection and Packing

So here I am sitting in the middle of a couple of knives, shoes, lamps, medikits, shirts, camera stuff, jackets, socks and several more “must haves” trying to select. It is in fact not so much the baggage weight limit, but rather my aim to take as few as possible to have fewer stuff to carry – so in consequence I have decided for a “washing strategy” which should reduce the clothing part (and giving more room for another lens to carry *g*). As I’m afraid your not interested in the color and amount of socks I packed here is at least an extract of the essentials:

Insects: I have decided for two G1000 pants (one zip off), a lifetime anti mosquito equipped long sleeve shirt and the NoBite combo of gel and fabric spray. To use off I also took some remaining Antibrumm and a repellent stick I bought in South Africa during my last trip, but have not decided for a special insect net. 

Medical kit: is quite lean but should contain, antihistamine, pain killers (for the height disease), plasters and strong sun screen (the equator sun is considerably stronger as in our “heights”), coal tablets and some anti itching gel

Shoes: I brought some hiking boots, light trekking shoes and a pair of trekking sandals

Layers: I have decided to take several but thin layers of a fleece, soft shell and membrane waterproof jacket to be flexible for the varying weather conditions

Gear: A torch (and replacement batteries) and leather man should be accompanying you, also I recommend a travel towel, a travel pillow (because of the bus rides), both a rain and sun hat a a google and snorchel as well as a water bottle (the famous SIGG), certainly also binoculars are recommended so I took my Steiner Safari ultra sharp 30×8

Camera and lenses: 5DM3 with 24-105mm F4L, 70-300mm F4-F5.6L, 50mm F1.4, GoPro Hero 3 BLACK with handleash for rafting and diving, the bag pod and mini tripod 

Bags: I took a soft suitcase from Samsonite and put my waterproof duffle bag from Grivel empty inside (to not exceed the amount of bags allowed for the flight but have the option to reduce when you hop over to Galapagos). My main day bag is a 30L waterproof backpack from Exped – I also bought a camera bag that exactly fits the backpack’s bottom dimensions so that I can fit some other stuff on top. To be on the water wise safe side I also bought an Ortlieb 22L pack sack which perfectly fits the inner dimensions of the back pack

That's about it – so ready to go…

Boris Kuster